Woodshed Bar and Grill - 99 bottles for Daytona 500 in 2020

March 3, 2020

Woodshed Bar & Grill 99 Bottles Party 2020

Sunday Funday at The Woodshed Bar and Grill in Neenah. We have been coming to the 99 bottles events now for over 8 years. The 99 bottle event is a Miller Beer event as you buy a MIller Bottle of Beer or one of the following products. (EINIE'S, CORONA, HENRY'S, REDD'S, ANGRY ORCHARD, CAPITAL AMBER, KARBEN4, AND HOPALICIOIUS. ) We have been lucky enough to have the Woodshed bar on the Wiparty page. I have been friends with the owner Dino for years. This place has the feel of a cottage or lodge up North. With Deer, Moose, Hogs, Turkey and more animal mounts. Always clean and well taken care of. Bartenders and patrons have always been friendly. Food is always good. I can recommend the Pizza, Burgers and Cheese Curds. Make sure to put this on your list of bars to stop and check out! See more photos from this event HERE!

For More info on The Woodshed Bar and Grill - Website / WiParty Page

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