Sturber's Kaukauna

Friday fish at Sturber's in Kaukauna, than a stop at Vaudette theater and ran to see the Side Show Band

Boating up the Wolf River

A run-up to the Wolf River and a stop at Gill's Landing

Boating Oshkosh to Fremont

A run-up to the Wolf River and a stop at Hotel Fremont

Boating Lake Winnebago to Harbor Bar

A run to Harbor Bar on Lake Winnebago. Smooth water and an amazing sunset

Cedar Lodge in Malone

Sunday afternoon we wanted to meet up with our family down by Fond du lac. So we wanted to meet somewhere in the middle. After talking about different spots to go to. Cedar Lodge was brought up. I have not been there in over 5 years. So we thought why not go try it again? Really never heard anyone talk bad about the place and my last experience from what I remember was good. So off to Cedar Lodge Supper Club we went. They are located in Malone about halfway down Lake Winnebago. Located on the East side of the lake. Was about a 40 min drive from Appleton. The drive wasn't bad. We got there and put our names in for a table. The place was pretty busy but the wait time was only about 30 min. It was nice to hang out on their small outdoor patio and have a drink. After our wait, we went in and got to our table. It's really nothing fancy in terms of decoration, so it's pretty low-key. But I was alright with that when the food and drinks were good. Service and drinks were good. We ordered our food and it came out quickly. The food was really good. I would recommend heading out and giving them a try. Here are some photos for you to check out. If you are looking for things to do make sure to check out!

A night out at George's Steak House

A stop out to a Fox Valley favorite. George's Steak House in Appleton. This place is still a true old-school-style supper club. It truly is like walking back in time. From the old wood panel walls, 70 style seats, to statues of knights. We walked into the bar and at the end of the bar is a piano player. A number of people were wrapped around the tabletop of the piano and were listening to him perform. I ordered up a tall Old Fashion which was very good. The bartenders were fast and very friendly. We had to wait about an hour to get our table. Really not a problem for us as we were enjoying the drinks and the piano player. We got seated and since it was Friday night I decided to go with the Haddock special. Which I will give a thumbs up as well as the clam chowder. My wife and friend ordered steakas a ribeye and the other a NY strip. Both steaks were on point with great flavor the NY Strip was like cutting into butter. Pricing was fair for what you get. Put this place on your food stop in the future. I have added some photos for you to check out. I hope you enjoy them! If you are looking for things to do make sure to check out!

Dairyland Brew Pub - Free Bacon and Take 2 Acoustic Band

So this week we checked out Dairyland Brew Pub. We heard they did a Wednesday night free bacon with the purchase of an adult drink and kids are welcome. If you talk about bacon I am usually in! So we took our little man and headed over to get some dinner, an adult beverage, and some bacon. The bar is located on East Wisconsin Ave. The bar is clean and friendly with a pretty solid menu. We got our adult beverages and sure enough, they offer up bacon. So bring it on! They brought out a nice plate full of bacon. Which was very good. The owner Dorri happened to be there and she was doing music trivia. Which I believe usually is Tuesdays. But it worked out well for us. The trivia is based on generations and genre. Which I believe was about 10 – 12 questions per category. I am not a big trivia person. But it actually was fun. My wife was on target and actually won a few rounds. So winners got cash, drinks and she also gave away scratch-off instant win games. The place is kid-friendly for diner time. Which is nice for us old family people. We also tried the boneless wings which were 70 cents a pop. Which is also a Wednesday night special. I would rate the wings as ok. They are breaded chicken chunks with different sauces added. Out little man also wanted to try out the big pretzel which was pretty good and we had to try out the Duck Fat Fries. They are very good and the recommended Garlic Aioli dipping sauce was a good call. So we really did enjoy going here. Good atmosphere, with a fun crowd. The only thing that we noticed is that like every were it else they were a little understaffed. So we had to wait for drinks and food service. Our waitress took care of us and about 8 – 10 people at the bar. Considering what she was covering she did a great job. Once we ordered the food came out very quickly. We also noticed that they had the Take 2 band coming in on Saturday night. So we decided we should come back and check that out. Since we both are Take 2 fans. So Saturday night we came back to see the band. Overall this venue is pretty decent for a Live Music venue. Drinks were good, service was good and Take-Two was good. As usual, I have some photos and videos for you to check out. I hope you enjoy them.

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Century Elm Supper Club & XE54 Wine Bar

Century Elm Supper Club 19

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We took off Saturday night and headed out to Century Elm Supper Club in Larsen for our monthly boaters diner. We get together with our boating friends after the summer boating season ends once a month to stay in touch and try out different supper clubs in the area. Century Elm has become a favorite for us and our friends.  we started out with some SoCo old fashions that they muddle up and add mushrooms to.  If you can't get a muddle old fashion I won't even waste my time. In my opinion is the only way to do old fashions.  Our crew grabbed up some pull tabs without much luck.  We went into the dining room and I forgot to get photos of the food as we were all talking and all hungry.  I had a ribeye and grilled shrimp that was very good. Our friends also got steaks and 2 of the 3 were not cooked fully.  Out waitress took them back in and got those cooked up and back out to the table.  I do have to say the customer service was outstanding.  Both the owner and the waitress apologized and took care take care of the issue as well as offered up to buy the whole table a round of drinks. Century Elm is one of the old supper clubs that bring quality and customer service together.  It is great to see owners that step up and take care of their customers.   They also had a 2 man band that was fun to listen to as well. Unfortunately, I didn't get the band's name. Man, I am slipping in my old age.  We got a call from some friends that didn't make it to the diner but had stopped into  XE 54 Wine Bar and told us there was a band there and to stop by. We swung in and the place had a pretty good crowd. The Murphy Brothers were set up in the back of the bar.  The Murphy brothers are a 2 man show that mainly plays classic rock.  We had a couple of glasses of some nice bold red wine and hung out with our friends and listen to the guy's play. We also had a couple come in with prisoner suits on. They sure turned a few heads. We stayed out for about 2 hours and then this old fart was ready to head home and get some sleep so we were ready for the game.  I hope you enjoy the photos. - Photo Gallery

Dick & Joan's Supper club and Take 2 Acoustics at Cedar bar & grill

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Well, not too exciting this week. We took it pretty easy. Friday night we hit Dick & Joans Superclub in Appleton. This supper club has been around forever.  We have not been there in a long time. We decided to meet some friends and go try it out again.  We got to the supper club and went in at the back of the building. Which you walk into a nice and large bar area. We ordered a couple of old fashions. They do muddle the old fashions. So we were off to a good start.  Our friends showed up and we had another round. They do give you a nice pour. Our waitress gave us menus, we ordered and she told us we could be seated whenever we were ready. The decor is typical for suppers clubs around here.  Feels a little like going back to the '70s with the old school wood panel walls.  They sat us in what looks like an add-on room that had a stone wall wine cellar look and feel. Which was interesting.  The thing that was not good was the smell of what we all believe to be urine.  I am not 100% sure what it was but it was not pleasant at all.  Hopefully, this is taken care of soon. You do seem to become nose blind to it after a while.  The salad bar was a little skimpy. But they had lettuce, dressing, croutons, imitation bacon bits, tomatoes, and clam chowder soup, Our group was not pleased with the no cheese for salads.  One of our group asked and they brought out a small cup of shredded cheddar and charged them for it.  They brought us out some fresh bread and butter. The bread was very good.  Our dinners came out fairly quickly. I had stuffed shrimp and tenderloin.  No complaints on any of the meals. Everyone overall was happy with their meals. The steaks were cooked well and had good flavor.  We planned on going out to see a band but we fell to being old and went home to crash.  Saturday night we decided we would go see Take 2 Band at Cedars bar and Grill.  Get some food and listen to some live music.  We both enjoy the Take 2 band and have known these 2 brothers since they were kids.  They had some tight quarters to work within the Cedar bar but they got the job done.  They did a great job as usual!  We planted ourselves at the bar so we could see the show and eat. It took us a little while to get a drink. The menu was typical bar food.  Which for us is not an issue at all.  I got a mushroom and swiss burger and the little lady got a grill chicken breast and cottage cheese.  It wasn't on the menu but they were happy to make it for her.  We hung out for a few after diner and enjoyed the show.  We decided it was time to go and we planned on going to see Road Trip at Stone Toad.  We made it halfway over to the bar and then had drama with our kiddos. Back home we went and once we got there we called it quits.  It is a bitch getting old.  But it was still a good weekend with friends and good food.  I hope you enjoy the photos. I also put together a little video of Take 2 Acoustic for you to check out.  - Photo Gallery

The White House Inn & Tilly's too

The Whitehouse Inn 21
Garlic Stuffed Tenderloin at Jimmie's Whitehouse Inn in Butte des Morts, WI 

See all 45 photos HERE - During these crazy times. We have a great group of friends that are all boaters that we trust and love to still go out with. We decided to go out to a couple locations we like to stop at during boating season. First up was Tilly's Too Tavern on the Lake. We always have a fun here and get great service. It was fun to sit at the bar and look out over the lake. Too bad it is still frozen. I would love to run down the hill and jump into the boat again! I digress. 🙁 We hung out for a few drinks and got some love from the owners dog. The dogs are a staple in this bar and are always happy to see you. We had reservation at Jimmie's Whitehouse. So we packed up and headed about a block and a half down the road. The Whitehouse Inn is a great old super club that shares some fantastic history. The website will give you some fun details. This place was a saloon back in 1915! The owner shares the family's collection of civil war artifacts. You really need to take a few minutes and appreciate what is here. We had allot of fun looking at the old pictures and wondering what was going on when they were shot. We sat down for diner and I had a fantastic Garlic Tenderloin! The staff did a great job with our rowdy group and took very good care of us both in the bar and at diner. I did ask the bartenders at Whitehouse to take of there masks for a couple pictures. Hard to see who they are masked up. So if you are looking for somewhere to go. Take a little trip out to The Whitehouse have a drink, some good food and enjoy all there is to see. Click here to see all 45 photos you can share or download. Here are some sample photos for you to check out.