Boating up the Wolf River

A run-up to the Wolf River and a stop at Gill's Landing

AudioChonk Band at Waverly Beach

AudioChonk Band at Waverly Beach
AudioChonk Band at Waverly Beach

A stop out at Waverly Beach to check out the band AudioChonk Band. The bar has had some major updates, to say the least. This is going to be a fun place for bands and a great place to be for next summer. The whole bar has garage doors that can be opened to let the fresh air in! The crowd seemed pretty light for the band. I figured there would be more people out to see the band and the bar. The crowd that was there was ready to tear it up. I put together a video with some small video clips as well as a photo slideshow included. Make sure to check out all the photos and more on the WiParty Photo Gallery.  If you are looking for things to do every week check out

Lake Winnebago Shiver Run

The 2022 Shiver Fun Run on Lake Winnebago. Some great boats and costumes this year.

Boating Oshkosh to Fremont

A run-up to the Wolf River and a stop at Hotel Fremont

Boating Lake Winnebago to Harbor Bar

A run to Harbor Bar on Lake Winnebago. Smooth water and an amazing sunset

AC/DC tribute band Bonfire at Willie Beamons

THUNDERSTUCK by Bonfire tribute band! This was a hell of a show. I have been trying to get out to see them at Willie Beamon's for a while now. I finally made it happen and got some good videos and photos for any of you that missed it. We got there a little late and were surprised to see the band had not hit the stage yet. We hung out for a while and someone told us they were running late because one of the band members broke his leg the night before. As I was shooting sure enough one of the guitar players had an air cast on his leg and was sitting bown with an egg crate under his feet. What a trooper! These guys are a lot of fun to see! I have some sample photos below and around 170 photo's on the Wiparty Photo Gallery for you to check out and download or purchase. I also have put together a video with some small video clips as well as the photo slideshow included.  If you are looking for things to do every week check out

Dairyland Brew Pub - Free Bacon and Take 2 Acoustic Band

So this week we checked out Dairyland Brew Pub. We heard they did a Wednesday night free bacon with the purchase of an adult drink and kids are welcome. If you talk about bacon I am usually in! So we took our little man and headed over to get some dinner, an adult beverage, and some bacon. The bar is located on East Wisconsin Ave. The bar is clean and friendly with a pretty solid menu. We got our adult beverages and sure enough, they offer up bacon. So bring it on! They brought out a nice plate full of bacon. Which was very good. The owner Dorri happened to be there and she was doing music trivia. Which I believe usually is Tuesdays. But it worked out well for us. The trivia is based on generations and genre. Which I believe was about 10 – 12 questions per category. I am not a big trivia person. But it actually was fun. My wife was on target and actually won a few rounds. So winners got cash, drinks and she also gave away scratch-off instant win games. The place is kid-friendly for diner time. Which is nice for us old family people. We also tried the boneless wings which were 70 cents a pop. Which is also a Wednesday night special. I would rate the wings as ok. They are breaded chicken chunks with different sauces added. Out little man also wanted to try out the big pretzel which was pretty good and we had to try out the Duck Fat Fries. They are very good and the recommended Garlic Aioli dipping sauce was a good call. So we really did enjoy going here. Good atmosphere, with a fun crowd. The only thing that we noticed is that like every were it else they were a little understaffed. So we had to wait for drinks and food service. Our waitress took care of us and about 8 – 10 people at the bar. Considering what she was covering she did a great job. Once we ordered the food came out very quickly. We also noticed that they had the Take 2 band coming in on Saturday night. So we decided we should come back and check that out. Since we both are Take 2 fans. So Saturday night we came back to see the band. Overall this venue is pretty decent for a Live Music venue. Drinks were good, service was good and Take-Two was good. As usual, I have some photos and videos for you to check out. I hope you enjoy them.

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Downtown Appleton Nightlife - Nov 2005

Downtown Appleton Nightlife in November of 2005. Thats right we are taking you back in the way back machine to get a glimpse of the party atmosphere in 2005. I have a bunch of photos from a number of different bars that are or were in Downtown Appleton as well as a few just a little ways from downtown. Including the famous Cold Shot Bar on Richmond St and the old Horseshoe Saloon that is now gone. The list on the old college avenue strip starts with one of my old favorites Drinks Inc which was always one of my first and last stops. Then of course Speakeasy, MillCreek Blues, The Bar on the Ave, and a run down the strip to the old Fish House. I also have a few shots of a young Reverand Raven and the Chain Smoking Alterboys as well as the Fineline band. Looking back at these it is hard to believe how long ago this was. I hope you enjoy the photos and the video! Make sure you find your friends in the photos and send them a link to take a run down memory lane. See all photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?

Woodshed Bar & Grill - 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

We went out to the Woodshed Bar & Grill in Neenah for the annual 99 Bottles of Beer party for the Daytona 500 race. We have been coming to this party for years. It has always been a lot of fun and this year did not disappoint. So what is 99 Bottles all about? The owner of the Woodshed partners up with MIller brewing to bring together a mix of prize items from beer glasses, hats, shirts signs, coolers, neon signs, a lot of appetizers, and pizza giveaways. This is awesome because the food at the Woodshed has always been very good. They give all this stuff away! For your chance to win you need to buy a bottle or pint of any Miller product for $2.50 and they give you a ticket. You then take your ticket up to the bottle board and give your ticket to get one of the 99 rings with a number on it. You hand the number over and they let you know what you won. You get some prizes right away like the ones I talked about earlier and you can also get a chance to win the grand prizes. The Grand Prizes this year were A signed Packers Helmet, 3ft Steel Fire Ring, Dr. McGillicuddy's - Pelican Cooler, A Jack Daniel's lighted sign, as well as a 1/4 barrel party with 3 pizzas. All this is happening while the Daytona 500 is on the over 12 large TVs and a Dj to mix things up. This is always a lot of fun! Keep an eye out on Wiparty for the next 99 Bottles at the Woodshed. Then come on out have some drinks, eat some good food, enjoy the laughs and go home with some new swag! See all 129 photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?

Johnny Wad Band Wisconsin

Johnny Wad comes to Menasha to rock the stage.  After some diner, we went out to see the Johnny Wad band.  It had been a while since I have seen them. Since they were in our backyard at Stone Toad. Figured we had to go get some pictures and check them out again.  They are one of the older established bands in the area.  They do a number of the best of the '80s and '90s. rock songs.  This 4 piece band keeps you entertained for sure.  Hard to believe the first time I saw them was at my friend's wedding back in 2004.  They have always had good shows and I look forward to seeing them again.  If you ever get a chance they do a killer Pink Floyd tribute show up in Green Bay at the Meyer theater. I checked it out a couple of years back.  They do a fantastic job with sound and stage.  Check out the video and photos from the show. I hope you enjoy them!  See all the photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?