Lake Winnebago Shiver Run

The 2022 Shiver Fun Run on Lake Winnebago. Some great boats and costumes this year.

Eve of Destruction at WIR

What could be better than fire, crazy horsepower, smashing metal, racing, crashes, trailers, school buses, and a limo jump? All of this happens one night at the WIR Eve of Destruction. See More

Paine Art Center Light Tour

The nature of light at Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh WI. My only word is BRAVO! This amazing art center and the former mansion of lumber baron Nathan and Jessie Paine is a piece of artwork in its own right. See More

Middle Bass Island Ohio History

While staying at the Roesch House on Middle Bass Island, I discovered some interesting history

Streich's Beach Lake Winnebago

Streich's Beach Lake Winnebago.

Appleton Wi Nightlife

EAA from Lake Winnebago

EAA week is always incredible. It is even better when you can hang out on the lake and watch the planes while sipping on your favorite beverage. You can even jump into the water to cool off when you get too hot. It really is one of my favorite times of the year. Boating and an airplane show are tough to beat.

Bay Beach Green Bay

Looking for something fun and reasonably priced for you and the kids to do? Bay Beach in Green Bay Wisconsin might just be the place for you! The girls were off on a girl's weekend. So we boys decided we should play and have some fun. Bay Beach is always a good option. See More

Little Farmer Malone wi

Little Farmer in Malone Wi. This weekend we were in the Halloween spirit and wanted to get the kids some pumpkins and spend some time with them. I know this isn't our regular post covering nightlife. We wanted to share this story because it is a fun place to check out. Covering fun is what we are really all about.  Anyway, I digress.  Little Farmer is a little less than an hour's drive from the Fox Vally. It is located out just off HWY 151. This place is very cool and has a little something for everyone.  They have a nice big parking field and they have people out directing you to open parking spots. As you walk up to the farm building there is a small building that is an information center. To help you figure what things you can do on the farm.  As you walk past this building and head up towards the barn you walk between a few buildings and then you will see the store and the old family home. Both of which is decorated very cute and they have a ton of items for sale like Apples, baked goods,  jams, and more. Both the apple house store and the old homestead have items for sale.  As you walk between those you come out to the animal pens and the walkway down to the corn maze and pumpkin fields.  They have Scottish Highland Cattle which look like hairy longhorns and a few goats that you can buy feed for.  Right across from this is a huge playground area for the kids to burn some energy.  They have pedal carts for big kids and tricycles for smaller kids.  Huge straw mountains to climb and jump on as well as swings and tepees.  The kids did get a big kick out of playing in this area.  We then decided we would walk down to the corn maze to get some exercise. But they do have the option to take a hayride down. The hayride option is about a 25-minute ride weaving through the orchards, fields, and the 40-acre woods they have besides the corn maze which costs about $5.  We made it down to the corn maze and found out we were supposed to get tickets up by the farm. The lady was nice enough to sell us tickets to get us through the maze. The kids did get a big kick out of going through the maze. Even though it was a bit muddy.  I thought it made it a little more challenging that way. They give you a series of animal footprints that you need to find as you go through the maze. The footprints are up on a bunch of signs located throughout the maze.  They also have a building with chickens in it called the Chicken Trunk and a Diaper Depot for changing diapers. My diapers never got that full. This is a great place to take the kids for the day or a few hours and enjoy a little farm lifestyle and some great eats. See all the pictures and more on the Photo Gallery.

ACW Wrestling at St Patrick's Fall Heritage Festival

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It was a very nice day outside and I wanted to get to my daughter's volleyball game in the afternoon. So boating was out. But that didn't mean I couldn't get the Jeep out and take my little man to go see some ACW Wrestling at the local church picnic. Yes, you heard that right wrestling at the Saint Patrick's Catholic Church Fall Festival Harvest picnic in Menasha. We jumped in the jeep for a short ride over to the church. When we arrived the road was filled with cars and as soon as we started pulled up you could hear them announcing the wrestlers coming to stage. They had a big tent set up and the wrestling ring set right in the middle. We went in and most of the chairs were filled up so we sat just outside of the tent for a while and watched the first match. It really was a lot of fun to watch my son and other kids around him react to the wrestlers. They did a great job of getting the crowd going by having a good guy and a bad guy for the bouts. The first thing that really seem to get everyone's attention was a nice big body slam. It made a very loud almost metallic sound as the wrestlers landed on the ring floor. Then to step it up another notch they did was some awesome open-handed slaps that you could hear across the whole tent. They also had WWE wrestler Hornswoggle at the event. He did some announcing and hung around for the event

My son reminded me as we were watching, (Dad you know this is fake fighting right?) I did get a big chuckle out of his comment. But gave that a second to sink in. I told him that he was correct they are not really closed fist punching like MMA. But you can tell they are really hitting each other and they do take a beating flying around and hitting the mat. I pointed out all the marks you could see on their skin.

We both really enjoyed watching the wrestling and it made a great way to spend some quality time with my boy. The church also had a number of vendors there to give everyone a little something to check out. From soaps to funnel cakes. Make sure to see the photo of the crazy big funnel cakes. It was so big and looked so good. I just had to get a photo. They also had beer, soda, burgers, brats, and a bunch of other food options.

My little man also got a big kick out of the Fox River Hurling club booth. They had the sticks and the balls there for the kids to play with. Overall the Fall Festival Harvest picnic was a great stop. We had to run to get to my daughter's volleyball tournament that they won by the way. So we missed the 2 bands they had set up for the evening. But we will be back for next year's Fall Harvest Festival in Menasha at St Patrick's Church.

I hope you enjoy the photos! See all the photos - Photo Gallery