St James in Neenah WI

June 7, 2020

st James Neenah

We stopped last night at St. James in Neenah located just west of CB and American Drive.  This awesome little bar is a classic martini bar with an old school feel.  Beautiful wainscot walls, copper top bar with great classic artwork on every wall.  The service here is always outstanding.  We went with a few friends so there were a several different martinis in front of the group - everything from a dirty vodka to a chocolate martini.  The popcorn has its own special seasoning so I will warn you if you start you will not want to stop.  They also do their own hand stuffed Bleu cheese olives.  I seriously would have made these a meal. They are very good!  I do enjoy the atmosphere and service at St. James.  Stop in some time, say hi to Michelle, and let us know what you think! 

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