Road Trip Band Wisconsin

December 20, 2021

Road Trip Band-It took me a while to get my butt out again to get some photos of Road Trip Band. As the Road Trip Band swung into Menasha, I figured I would go and see the new singer they had added.  I am happy to report in my opinion that Shawn is a great fit.  The addition of his songs has added quite a few more great covers to this group's already expansive repertoire.  Overall, I was also impressed with the overall stage production and video wall. Watching Amy and all of the band members is always a joy.  They all always look like they are having a great time.  The group covers a wide range of music genres, from classic rock to country to today's top hits.  I have taken some photos and included a long video of more than 24 songs that this band ripped through.  I hope you enjoy the photos and the video.   See all 129 photos here! Looking for things to do this weekend?

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