July 4th Dustin Lee on the Barge

July 19, 2020

Dustin Lee on the barge in Fremont WI

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July 4th was a blast. We started in Oshkosh and took a run up the river to see Dustin Lee on the barge. It was a great run up the river and the weather was perfect.  We made it to Partridge Lake and you could see the pile of boats. It is always funny coming into the sandbar in Fremont.  Very few people seem to tie up to each other.  So, boats are scattered all over the place.  With no organization at all.  We came in and found a huge area of wide open space in the middle.  We were look for Dustin but could not find him.  About one hour later. Dustin showed up on a pontoon boat and started setting up.  The crowd kept building and Dustin kicked it into gear.  The crowd quickly built up around the pontoon. As usual Dustin did a great job.  I had to admit we were a little worried about covid and avoided going into the crowd up by the pontoon.  But it was still allot of fun. We only had one weird moment.  A guy was walking around with a bottle to share and asked if everyone wanted to take a pull of the bottle.  I wasn't sure what to even say. Pass, pass, pass!  It was a great day on the water and always fun to see live music on the boat!!  Thanks Dustin Lee!!
See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY.

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