July 26, 2020

And just like that July is done! See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY. Being blessed with hot sunny summer days. A group of us headed out at noon on Friday for a birthday celebration on the water. What a great way to celebrate, being on the boat, with some shrimp, sandwiches and of course a cooler full of drinks to keep us hydrated. Saturday was another great hot day and we headed back to Striech's Beach for some more sun and fun. It was a great day and I ran into a ton of boating friends. A quick run across the lake for some diner at Harbor Bar in Stockbridge. They had live music from Sam and Tae Band. I snapped a few photos to share! Over 190 for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy! Remember you can share all the photos on the gallery to your Facebook page or tag your friends on the gallery to Facebook
See all the photos on our PHOTO GALLERY.

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