2021 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen

June 15, 2021

2021 Four Horsemen Poker Run 44
Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run - 2021

See the over 500 plus photos -Photo Gallery - 2021 Lake Winnebago Four Horsemen Poker Run this year got some great weather. A last minute change of plans allowed me to get out and get some photos this year. I was lucky enough to get on my friends Scot's 38 Excalibur he had a few people on but made room for me! I grabbed up some watery Michelob Ultras a bottle of Captain, bag of Doritos and some sun screen! Ran down to the front of the City Center were Scot had a great parking spot right across from Dockside Tavern in Oshkosh.  We hung around for about one hour before the run got started. We got to see the chopper come in and land and enjoy the view of few of the poker runners boats coming into the docks. We found out later they had around 60 boats at this years events. We took off and headed up the river to try to make it to the first card stop out on Lake Poygan. We almost made it to the car boat still going about 45mph when we had Donnie's Outerlimits SL 52 passed us by like we were standing still. Guessing in the 120+ range. Quick enough for me not to even get my camera up and get a shot. A few minutes later we started getting the rest of the pack coming through. It always amazes me how impressive these beautiful machines really are. So we hung out until the last few boats were coming towards us and we headed back. We ran to Striech's Beach to hang out have a few cocktails and wait for the run to come by the last card boat. Ran into a bunch of old friends and really enjoyed being back at Striech's. We got some fairly good photos and headed back to the hotel. We tried to get some food but didn't have much luck at the hotel. So We headed over to Dockside. They had a couple of super hot boats for sale in the parking lot for sale. Walked up to the bar and ran into a ton of awesome friends. All in All a great day on the water with some amazing boats and amazing people! I hope you enjoy the photos! Make sure to check out these great article's about the run from Speed on the Water!   See all the photos - Photo Gallery

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