2020 Oshkosh RV & Boat Show

March 7, 2020

2020 Oshkosh RV & Boat Show
2020 RV & Boating Show in Oshkosh WI

We stopped in and checked out the 2020 Oshkosh Boat & Rv show on the EAA grounds in Oshkosh. We didn't go into the RV park of the show at all. Not really our gig. It was $7 to get in. We parked about a block away from the 4 buildings that held the show. They had buses avaiable to take you up to the building from the parking lot to the buildings. We walked through the 2 buildings that were for boating. These 2 sheds were about 200 ft x 200 ft. This show is pretty small. So most of the boats are on the smaller side. I think Sweetwater Preformance had the largest boat. A Crownline 280SS. You can see some of the boats on the Sweetwater Preformance website. Allot of pontoon at the show. It is fun to see some of the cool ways they are making them some killer party barges. A small line up wake and ski boats. I think it took us about 30 min to walk through it. Check out the photos and video below. Here is a link the website. if you want more info. OSHKOSH RV & BOAT SHOW

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