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Green Bay Bars Pubs & Nightlife Guide - The best bars in the Green Bay area.
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Bars Pubs & Nightlife in Green Bay WI
Local Area Bars & Taverns

A - E

Billy Goats Pub
Charlie Tuna's Hammer Inn

Champions Sports Bar

Cock & Bull Pub
Crunchy Frog
Cubby Hole
Duzzi's Sports Bar

F - M

Fox Harbor Pub & Grill
JD's Bar
Jimmy Seas
Kittners Pub
Knuckles Sports Bar & Grill
Liquid 8
Mikey's Pub
Molly Mcgee's

N - Z

Ned Kelly's
On the rocks
Phat Heads

Stadium View
The Getaway
The Hideout
The Round Up Saloon
The Sardine Can
Tilted Kilt
Top Hat Club

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