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N10302 Us-151 Malone, WI 53049
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Capones cocktails and homemade pizza's in WI
About Capone's in Pipe

Capones of Pipe is a Wisconsin landmark. It is believed to be a watering hole for Al Capone on his way to his hideout up north, as well as haunted by a scorned woman on the third floor . Originally known as Furhman's Hotel & built in 1846 before Wisconsin was even a state, it was a stagecoach rest stop for tired and hungry travelers. The first floor was kitchen and dining room, with a bar for the men and an ice cream parlor for women and children. The second and third floors had 22 rooms for rent, 2 of which were bridal suites.

Al Capone's presence is vividly felt in the decor. A 1948 Chevy shot full of bullet holes adorns the dance floor area, and high above it perched in the corner with a gun in his hand is a life-like and life-sized figure of a daunting Al Capone.

There is a beautiful outdoor patio that overlooks Lake Winnebago and services customers with a fantastic summer drink list and full menu in the warm months. Capones secret pizza recipe is their claim to fame, along with a full menu including sandwiches, steak and the famous Wisconsin fish fry.

Seasonal shuttle service is available to Capones from the park as well as from Calumet Harbor.

Capone's in Pipe WI
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